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 6_4 Fifth Ave Zara 1.JPG
Storefront plywood on the Zara with graffiti reading "Stay Calm. Nothing Left to Take."

2020-06-04JusticeForGeorge - 1.jpeg
Window art in first ring suburb of Richfield, 2 blocks south of Minneapolis, reading "Justice for George."

SLA 1 Image 3.jpg
This mural of George Floyd in Barcelona is done using the colors of the rainbow. The artist used the hashtag #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and also wrote the words "All Lives Matter."

A mural of George Floyd's name in rainbow bubble letters with a red heart in the middle, written on a background of green, blue, and purple stripes.

Assorted tags and stencils on plywood. From left to right, the spray painted tags read: Fuck MPPD, MPD is a gang, BLM, MPD Murdered George Floyd, and RIP ANJ. On the left, the letters GF are stenciled in red and green four times.

This is a tribute to George Floyd, with various contributions from the Grinnell community in the form of Black Lives Matter signs, flowers, and hand-made drawings including George Floyd and the police.

"Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George" in purple on wood boards. A crossed out tag is between them.

"We stand with you" in green and "Be safe" in blue with hearts and peace signs.

"Say his name George Floyd" in blue with blue flowers on wood boards.

"We're Open!" in orange cursive with a blue background and "Justice" in black block letter outlines on a white background. Three colorful peace signs and hearts are painted on colorful rectangles.
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