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A portrait of Breonna Taylor wearing gold with a butterfly at her shoulder.

A fist emerged from an anatomical heart that drips with blood. Text reads "No Justice No Peace," and "Resist, Rethink, Rebuild." Various signs have been adhered to the wall.

A monumental image of a Black woman with white hair--a work in progress at the time of documentation.

A black fist radiates power. It's strength is augmented by the figures who support it.

A portrait of Breonna Taylor against a black backdrop.

Large portrait of George Floyd in blue tones with yellow outlining. Text reads "Rest in Peace George Floyd" and "We Love You."

A panel with imagery and quotes about resilience combined. The image shows a rose emerging from cracks in the pavement. Text reads "A determined spirit can never be broken --Andrea Sawyer" and "The time is always right to do what is right --MLK."

Rendered in shades of black, brown, tan, and white, a portrait of George Floyd with text reading "I CAN'T BREATHE," "GEORGE FLOYD," AND BLACK MAN= HUMAN."

A portrait of George Floyd in black and white tones with expertly-lettered text reading "Justice 4 George." The image also includes the scales of justice and pink and white flowers, set against a blue background. The second panel reads "Community"…

Painted on plywood panels covering a window, colorful flowers with text reading "Justice for George Floyd" and "LISTEN TO PEOPLE OF COLOR"
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