The Urban Art Mapping George Floyd and Anti-Racist Street Art database seeks to document street art from around the world created in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and as part of an ongoing movement demanding social justice and equality. This archive is a repository for images made available for research and education (commercial use is not allowed). The metadata alllows for an analysis of the themes and issues that appear in street art, explored in relation to local experiences, responses, and attitudes.

SUBMISSIONS: Given the global scope of this archive and the extremely ephemeral nature of art and writing in the streets, crowdsourcing is essential to the expansion of this project. Have you documented works in the streets (murals, paintings on plywood, graffiti, stickers, etc) near you? Please submit information and images to the database here.

HOW TO USE THIS ARCHIVE: There are thousands of items in this collection from all around the world. You may browse a number of collections that organize the images based on several prevalent themes using "browse collections." Click on "browse map" to find images based on location, explore "browse tags," or identify images based on key words.

Images are collected in this database for educational purposes and are not intended for commercial use. Reproduction rights remain with creators/photographers.

Recently Added Items

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A blue sticker on a black pole has text reading "North [text missing] Pol [text missing] Armed [text missing] Have Killed More People Than Omicron."…

Black Lives Matter


A yellow sticker on a black pole has an image of a Black male holding a megaphone. Above the image, there is text reading "Black Lives Matter" and…