Artists and writers producing work in the streets – including tags, graffiti, murals, stickers, and other installations on walls, pavement, and signs – are in a unique position to respond quickly and effectively in a moment of crisis. Street art’s ephemeral nature serves to reveal very immediate and sometimes fleeting responses, often in a manner that can be raw and direct. At the same time, in the context of a crisis, street art also has the potential to transform urban space and foster a sustained political dialogue, reaching a wide audience and making change possible.

SUBMISSIONS: This database starts small and will grow exponentially over time, just as the movement takes power. Given the global scope of this database and the extremely ephemeral nature of art and writing in the streets, crowdsourcing is essential to the expansion of this project. Have you seen works in the streets (murals, paintings on plywood, graffiti, stickers, etc) near you? Please submit information and images to the database here.

CONTACT US: Whenever possible we have included the names of artists responsible for creating these works. If you find you not credited for your work and would like to be, please let us know!

Recently Added Items

The World is Ours


A mural depicting a Black woman in a flowing blue dress. She has gold hoop earrings that echo the halo encircling her head. Dripping flowers in…

Make Space for Healing and Grief


A mural depicting BIPOC people gathered together in a forest. A red banner reads "Make Space for Healing & Grief" and cherubs blowing horns flank…

MGM is Open


Colorful block letters reading "MGM is Open" on a pale green background. Darker green abstract, wing-like forms extend on either side of the block…

I Assure You We're Open


Written in red spray paint across several plywood boards, "I Assure You We're Open."

Beloved Daunte Wright Mural


A mural of multiple hands enveloping Daunte Wright as he looks skyward. One arm is held aloft with an air freshener hanging from his finger. A halo of…