George Floyd Square


George Floyd Square


This collection of images documents a George Floyd Square in Minneapolis over the course of time, including graffiti, wheatpaste posters, stickers, murals, and spontaneous memorials.

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Emmett in Purple
A naturalistic portrait of Emmett Till wearing a purple shirt and hat. This is propped up against the Metro Transit shelter in front of the People's Way at George Floyd Square.

George Floyd Square Barricades
After the city removed the official barriers that surrounded George Floyd Square, citizens replaced these with household items. A Black Lives Matter Flag was added to these.

Rest In Power
"Rest In Power" spray painted on a road in white.

Say Their Names wheat pastes and graffiti
Portraits of Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown done in wheatpaste. Additional graffiti has been added around the wheatpaste.

Portrait of a Man
A multicolored portrait of a man in George Floyd Square.

George Floyd Portrait
A mural of George Floyd painted on the sides of Cup Foods. Various tributes have been placed in front of this.

No Justice No Streets
"No Justice No Streets" on plywood in black and white against a multicolored background showing protestors holding various signs.

No KKKops
"No KKKops" and various other red graffiti painted on a gas pump at Peoples' Way.

24 Demands
The 24 demands of George Floyd Square have been painted in black on a silver background on plywood.

Paul Castaway and Son Mural at People's Way
What was previously a Speedway Gas Station, has been reclaimed by George Floyd Square and re-named "Peoples' Way." Under the updated sign is a mural of Paul Castaway and his son. This mural is created with multicolored washes. These colors include…
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