George Floyd Square


George Floyd Square


This collection of images documents a George Floyd Square in Minneapolis over the course of time, including graffiti, wheatpaste posters, stickers, murals, and spontaneous memorials.

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Metal Fist with RIP Deonna Marie on Platform
A metal fist erected at one of the entrances of George Floyd Square. It has been placed on a yellow platform, which is spray painted "RIP Deonna Marie" in red.

We Still Demand
"We Still Demand" stenciled in black on white painted plywood panels. Additional stenciled text can be read on the panels. A painted pallet is additionally leaned against the panels which reads "Stop Killing Us."

Stop Funding Murder
"Stop Funding Murder" spray painted on a sidewalk in silver.

Decolonize or Die
"Decolonize or Die" spray painted on a street in white and red.

"BLK PL U R SO LOVED" has been spray painted in orange on a sidewalk.

George Floyd Square Stencil
A stencil portrait of George Floyd's painted on a sidewalk.

Our Lives Matter
"Our Lives Matter" spray painted in blue on a fence.

No Justice No Streets
"No Justice No Streets"spray painted on a street.

No Cops No Prisons
"No Cops No Prisons" spray painted in black on a sidewalk.

Fuck 12 Abolish Police
"Fuck 12 Abolish Police" spray painted in black on a sidewalk.
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