George Floyd Square


George Floyd Square


This collection of images documents a George Floyd Square in Minneapolis over the course of time, including graffiti, wheatpaste posters, stickers, murals, and spontaneous memorials.

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Mourning Passage
A series of names painted directly on the street on Chicago Avenue, leading to the site where George Floyd was murdered on May 25th, 2020. These photographs document a repainting/refreshing of the mural on May 8, 2023. The names had faded…

Power to the People
Black spray paint on the sidewalk in George Floyd Square reads "Power to the People."

38th & George
Spray paint reading "38th & George" in George Floyd Square.

BLM Sticker
Lime green "Black Lives Matter" sticker with a Black Power fist. Located on the side of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

"Protect Each Other | Justice 4 Floyd" Poster
A poster on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. There is a masked figure along with text. The poster reads "Protect Each Other. Justice4Floyd. Masks Help Us All."

BLM Sticker on Street Sign-- George Floyd Square
Sticker on street sign across from Cup Foods reads "Dream like Martin. Lead like Harriet, Fight like Malcolm. Think like Garvey. Write like Maya. Build like Madam C.J, Speak like Frederick, Educate like W.E.B, Believe like Thurgood, Challenge like…

"I've got you George" message on bus station pole
Bus station pole across the street from Cup Foods reads "I've got you George I promise." Underneath in faded writing is "RIP George Black Lives Matter"

Poster and Paste-Ups on Bus Stop--George Floyd Square
Art on not-in-use bus stop in George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Listen to Mothers" along with stick figure people with their hands in the air. The paste-up on the right reads "Those who Commit the Murders Write the Reports" a quote by Ida B Wells.…

Justice, Accountability, and Healing George Floyd Square Poster
A red heart poster above messages that read "Justice accountability and Healing George Floyd", "say his name", "if not me then who".

My Cries Are 4 Humanity
"My Cries Are 4 Humanity" is spray-painted in black on a brick wall. Above the phrase "We Want Peace We Want Love We Want Justice We Want Equality" is written in black.
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