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A sticker reading "Résister n'est pa un crime" (To resist is not a crime) with text superimposed over an image of two police officers in riot gear, one with a hand reaching out to block the camera.

Graffiti written in pink script on a stone façade reading "La police tue!" (The police kill!)

This mural is located on the back side of Grandmas in da Kitchen in Everett, WA. The mural stretches the length of the building. On the left is a grey-toned portrait of Breonna Taylor. On the right side is a portrait of Jatarius Tolbert.


IMG_3029 3.jpg
Images of the While Black Project mural in progress

This is located in Uptown Minneapolis and was painted on the exterior wall of a former Apple store.

An excerpt from Urban Art Mapping's interview with Cadex Herrera on May 12, 2022:


An image of a knight in armor on horseback, slaying a dragon. Text in the upper right corner reads G.P.F. May 25th 2020. This is painted on two pieces of plywood oriented horizontally.

A sign post contains various stickers, including one depicting a portrait of George Floyd. This sticker, like others on the post, is damaged.

A monumental portrait of Richmond-based rapper and emcee, Radio Blitz, surrounded by the names of many individuals whose lives were lost to racial violence. Radio Blitz has his hands raised in the air and his gaze focuses upwards. The names are…

Black tag, "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and a red "FUCK 12"
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