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A sticker on a light post at the corner of Stuyvesant Ave and Gates Ave in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The entire sticker reads “Peter Stuyvesant was a slave trader. Peter Stuyvesant trafficked 290 human beings in the first slave auction in…

Black Lives Matter at 38th _ Chicago.jpg
A view of the George Floyd memorial site focusing on the pavement, which is painted and chalked to with "Black Lives Matter," "Fight the Power," "Fuck 12" and other phrases.

Another part of George Floyd_s Memorial @ 38th _ Chicago.jpg
A large portrait of George Floyd in black and white on a plywood panel, mounted on a metro transit stop. Here the panel has emerged as an impromptu memorial site with many offerings. This is located directly adjacent to the location where George…

A lioness and cub painted on plywood. Text on their faces reads "See me, hear me, believe me."

On a plywood panel in red, white and blue: "In Lak Eck. Eres Mi Otro Yo. You Are My Other Me. The Mayan Knowledge The We Are Made of the Same Stuff. Resonant With Power..."

A plywood panel with quotes painted in red, white, and blue. The quotes read "Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free" and "You Cannot Change Any Society Unless You Take Responsibility."

A large portrait of George Floyd with a banner reading "George Floyd," located on plywood covering windows of the I Like You store.

A poster on a utility box reading "Send Racists Back Under Their Rocks" in red, white, and blue. Graffiti next to this reads "Vote w/ bricks."

Graffiti on a road block sign reading "ACABB4EVR!"

A large number of stickers adhered to the back of street signs. These include "Fuck Your Cop Dad," "I Cant' Breathe," and "Why are we here, if not to help each other?" as well as various unrelated stickers.
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