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An orange and yellow mural with "Welcome To The Revolution" in white thin lettering. This work covers up a "BLM" that was there previously.

This mural is spread across three groups of panels. The first group have a portrait of Tamir Rice on the left. "RIP Tamir" written in orange under the portrait. "Lookout" is in green in the center. "HOPE" is in orange and yellow 3D letter. The…

Two painted panels. Left has black graffiti reading "No Race But Human," "BLM," "Justice 4 All!" The background is gray with a multicolored border and handprints all over. A heart is in the center, made of handprints, with a Black Power fist on top…

Painted panels with a red and gold flower in the left corner. White text reading "I Have Decided To Stick With Love. Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear. - MLK." A red heart with "Black Lives Matter" in white lettering is to the right. "We're OPEN…

Two painted panels with pastel geometric shapes in the background. Black and white bubble letters read "I don't Know you But i Love you."

Mural with a Pride Flag background. In the center is a Black Power fist, with George Floyd to the left and Breonna Taylor to the right. "Black Lives Matter" is written in block letters at the top. A white ribbon with black text reading "No Just No…

A George Floyd memorial piece by KARS amidst other recent graffiti found on a freight line beneath Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Painted mural with "Practice Radical Compassion" and "Defund SPD" in thin, yellow, block letters on a black background with red squiggly accents.

Four red panels have "RISE" written across them. Beneath each letter are hands holding up fists, signs, and open palms. Signs include "BLM," "Change the Inevitable Growth Is Optional," "Stand. Act. Vote." "Silence Is Not An Option," "Stop Being…

"No Justice No Peace" in block letters surrounded by a cloud outline.

Below and to the right of the cloud are the names of Black people killed by police. Included are George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mya Hall, Alteria Woods,…
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