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The Minneapolis skyline on a purple background on plywood boards. This is located on a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Murals on plywood boards at Cyclebar Uptown featuring a Black Lives Matter fist with a pride flag background, hearts, and the message "Uptown" and "We Ride as 1."

Black spraypaint saying "ANOTHER COLD DAY IN HELL" on utility shed by the light rail track at 26th & Hiawatha. Painted between Wednesday 4/13 and Thursday 4/14. Removed on April 16th (I drive by there everyday). Presumably written in response to the…

Fresh plywood was hung on Midtown Global Market during the time of Derek Chauvin's trial in anticipation of potential conflicts. This instructional panel reads "I assure you we're open."

The front entrance to Urban Jungle containing three separate works. These include graffiti reading “RIP Daunte Wright” (added recently); a colorful mural attributed to @tracejordanhenry; and “I can’t breathe” and “Keep the peace” on the front door.

In the wake of the murder of Daunte Wright by police on April 11th 2021, buildings have been putting plywood over windows and doors in preparation for continued uprisings. The plywood reads "BLM" on one side and "RIP Daunte" on the other in black…

Street Art 6.jpg
Work has been extensively updated since earlier photos, 'Black is Beautiful' is lettered in the upper left of the piece, 'Black Lives Matter' in the lower left, and multiple smaller figures have been added above the large portrait of George Floyd.

Street Art4.png
Uptown Theater Marquee in Minneapolis. Black lettering says "Justice for George Floyd."

Street Art.jpg
Large mural with a black background, reading 'George Floyd' at the top in white lettering. 'Black Lives Matter' is written below in white lettering, with a white fist beside it, and is encased in a red orange sun with rays. A yellow sunflower…

Writing in chalk on a barricade outside of the Government Center in Minneapolis, documented one day after jury selection began. Even writing in chalk involved significant risk, as all such interventions on country property were banned at this time.…
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