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Three pieces of plywood over windows. The first piece has a red heart with BLM written in it. The second piece of plywood has a red heart with MPLS written to the right of it. The third piece of plywood has "Justicia Para George." Little red hearts…

"Justice for George" and "Change is Coming" stenciled in black on the brick wall of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

Pictures in a storefront at George Floyd Square with Black Lives Matter messages and a sign calling for justice for George Floyd.

A decorated warning sign in front of the memorial in the intersection at George Floyd Square. A small sticker reading "Justice for George" can be read in the middle of the sign. The concrete post holding it is painted the pan-African flag colors.

Justice for George knit banner (approx 2.5ft x 7ft) seen at candlelight vigil at George Floyd Memorial Plaza (E 38th St and Chicago Ave). Created by 9 knitters from 7 metro area cities in support for BLM and Justice for George Floyd.

2020-06-04JusticeForGeorge - 1.jpeg
Window art in first ring suburb of Richfield, 2 blocks south of Minneapolis, reading "Justice for George."

A sticker reading "Justice for George" with a pig behind bars. The sticker is adhered to a sign at a four way stop.

Over a dozen printed paper signs reading "Justicia Para George," "BLM," and "Justice For Floyd."

A white cloth banner with flora and "Black Lives Matter - George Floyd" and an image of George Floyd.

Yard sign with "George Floyd Should Still Be Alive." Tarp reading "Justice For George."

A speckled rainbow Black Power Fist with white dashes all over it. Text on either side reads "Justice For George" and "Stronger Together #BLM." Above is a geometric flower with purple and green shapes. "Equal!" in orange next to the flower.
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