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A stencil of George Floyd's face with the text "8:46" on his face. This is painted on a sidewalk with pink and black spray paint.

"George Floyd" has been painted on a fence in orange, green, and yellow.

"George Floyd" and "BLM" has been painted in white on a bridge railing.

A mural of George Floyd painted on the sides of Cup Foods. Various tributes have been placed in front of this.

A black and white portrait of George Floyd is viewed behind cement traffic barricades.

"Floyd's World" painted on plywood. Additional graffiti has been added around this.

"George Floyd's" has been written on Floyd's shop in chalk.

6_6  was IMG_2316.JPG
A black plywood panel in front of the Museum of Ice Cream. The board is painted with the names of sixteen Black people who have been killed due to racist violent acts: George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Jordan Edwards, Tamir…

Barriers that once surrounded George Floyd Square have been moved by city officials 6/3/21 and arranged by citizens. The mural by Peyton Scott Russel is visible.

Two separate murals share space, creating a large mural panel. The first mural shows a black woman from the waist up with eyes clothes and hoop earrings. The background surrounding the woman is filled with blue and purple linework. The right side of…
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