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A Black woman with red lipstick. Flowing text reads, "You are Magic"

Sally Pemberton - IMG_5917.jpg
Red "People Live Here."

These are two murals on plywood boards covering doors. On the left there is a person with purple hair and in the hair the text "Black Lives Matter" is painted. On the right there is a painting of George Floyd with red tape across his mouth. The tape…

"I am not a threat" is painted on the left side of the mural covering the upper half of a face. A woman wearing a mask and a yellow shirt with the text "Melanin" on it holds up a Power Fist. To the right there are portraits of Garner, Taylor, Rice,…

There are two plywood panels, one black and one white. The black panel on the left reads "People's Organic" with restaurant hours and "Stand Up, Educate, Inform." The white panel on the right reads "Silence is Violence" with a Black Power Fist.

"UNITE" is painted in red on a white background. The "I" in "UNITE" is formed by black and white hands grasping.

"Justice for George Floyd" is painted inside the outline of a pink circle. Tear drop shapes with multiple colors and patterns radiate from the circle. In the bottom right corner "#BLM Black Lives Matter" is painted.

This is a mural depicting a group of protesters carrying signs including "Black Lives Matter," "No Justice No peace," and "Unity." "Justice for George" is painted in the upper right corner.

Sun and moon murals.

"Love Not Hate" painted in orange, green, and yellow.
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