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Plywood panels cover the windows of a restaurant. Set against a vivid, cobalt blue background are there realistic, anatomical hearts of slightly different sizes. The hearts are accompanied by text reading "Human....And Justice For All." Text under…

Plywood panels cover the window of a restaurant. Black hands with a red manicure are positioned in the shape of the letters "d" and "C," positioned against a vivid, cobalt blue background. The words "Black Lives Matter" are repeated several times in…

An image of a knight in armor on horseback, slaying a dragon. Text in the upper right corner reads G.P.F. May 25th 2020. This is painted on two pieces of plywood oriented horizontally.

A plywood mural with a checkerboard background and"We Stand Together" in orange and blue letters. This panel also include an orange and blue peace sign.
This mural is on display at the exterior of Springboard for the Arts Saint Paul Building. Other…

A plywood mural with a white and grey checkerboard background with "No Justice No Peace (sign)" and small George Floyd portraits.
This mural is displayed on the exterior of Springboard for the Arts Saint Paul building.

A mural in shades of blue displayed on the exterior of the Springboard for the Arts Saint Paul building.
A plywood board has been painted with a white background and some grey squares. A large "Blues for George" blue stencil portrait of George Floyd…

A plywood panel displayed at Springboard for the Arts, painted bright orange and purple. Black letters with blue and white outlines spell out "Emergencies Need Arts"

These are two murals by two different creative teams situated next to each other. They were created during Springboard for the Art's community painting event sometime in 2020 and were displayed on the exterior of their Saint Paul campus.
The piece…

Two plywood boards at a three day outdoor art festival on Payne Ave, St. Paul on Oct 1, 2020. The mural on the left includes a rainbow background with the Minneapolis skyline painted on top. In white letters from top to bottom covering the entire…

Three different portraits of George Floyd are painted on plywood. The middle portrait is painted in shades of blue and behind him is a yellow background. The portrait on the left side is painted in yellow, pink, and blue. Behind this portrait is a…
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