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A Black female figure wearing a mask has "Black Lives Matter" written in blue in her hair. Behind the figure are Black Power Fists.

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A street mural in Kemptown portrays a variety of protestors on the left side holding signs. Some of the signs read "Unapologetically Black," "Say Their Names," and "All Black Lives Matter." Behind the protesters, there are names of Black victims of…

"All Black Lives Matter" is painted in black on the pavement. Around the words is a red border. The selection of the colors, according to Abounding Prosperity, was intentional. Red represents the blood of life, while black symbolizes progressiveness…

The mural consists of the words “Black Lives Matter” painted in yellow and it stretches around 700 feet from City Hall down to the Pasquotank County Library.

Embedded in the words “Black Excellence” are images of authors Langston Hughes and Toni Morrison; Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry; athletes LeBron James, Jesse Owens and James’ agent Rich Paul; scientist Garrett Morgan; and elected officials Carl…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in various colors.

Each of the artists painted a different letter. Sean Phillips (B), Timi Bliss (L), Beverly Tipton Hammond (A), Kelly Brown (C), Peyton Scott Russell (K), Brittany Moore (L), Donna…

Protesters, including a former mayor of Tuskeegee, were arrested after painting "BLACK LIVES MATTER EXPAND MEDICAID" on the street during a protest.

Alabama SaveOurselves (SOS) and Movement for Justice and Democracy organized the mural.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in orange and black. The "I" in "Lives" is the Black Power Fist. At the beginning and end of the phrase, there are white geometric shapes.

The mural was spearheaded by the city government and the…

"Defund The Police BLM ✊" is painted on the pavement. "Defund" and "Police" are painted in orange and "The" is painted in yellow. At the end of the phrase is the Black Power Fist.
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