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Cluster of tags: "ACAB FUCK THE POLICE" in white and brown on the building, "BLM Justice for George rest in power" in green, and "ACAB" in green on plywood.

Printed pages with letters spelling "BIG GEORGE" in red and black. Pink spray-painted "NO Justice NO Peace."

Blue letters with white highlights reading "Breonna Taylor." The Ns are painted in bold. The background is orange and purple. "RIP" in smaller black text at the lower corner.

Blue bubble letters reading "Defund Police!" The dot in the exclamation mark is a heart. The background in yellow with orange accents.

Two panels: One with "How Are You Unlearning White Supremacy?" in black and the other reading "Fuck 12" and "Make Change" in green.

Yellow text with red outlining, "I CAN'T BREATHE". Underneath text is a two-face bird, or a bird shaking its head, with puffs of air coming out if its mouth.

Painted brown block letters, "Justice For George Floyd." Underneath it is a throw-up that's been marked over with green spray-paint.

Two throw ups. Left: "RIP" with a star dotting the "I." "Big" and "Floyd" in a blue and a red drop respectively. The background is red splatter, similar to blood.

Right: "BIG FLOYD" in white and blue lettering with orange spots.

In black letters, the words "#BLACK LOVE" are written. The letters are outlined in white then outlined in black. They are painted on the side of a building that is covered in art by other artists.
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