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"Black Lives Matter" is written in chalk on the sidewalk in rainbow colors. Next to the message is a pride flag.

A sidewalk paint over in front of Scale Model Supplies. Someone has painted over the "Fuck 12" that was painted on the sidewalk with a light colored paint.

A message stenciled on the sidewalk in front of Trieu Chau restaurant. It reads: "It's OK to be black" The black letters pop against the light colored sidewalk.

Red spray paint graffiti that reads "Rebuild Black Wall Street" and "Fuck 12" on the pavement near Cup Foods.

Text written in black spray paint on the sidewalk reading "The System is Doing Exactly What it was Designed to Do" and "Fuck Twelve 12"

Spray-painted text on a sidewalk. Reads "I Cant Breath!" and "George."

A scrawled tag reading "Burn them all" on the street in front of Seattle Police’s East Precinct practically glows on top of the muted, grey asphalt and stencil of George Floyd. The bright yellow splatters and violent plea capture the message’s…

Orange writing on the sidewalk reading "The Children Are the future...Teach them Well, And let them Lead the Way!" The punctuation of the exclamation point is a heart.

"Time for Change!" written on the sidewalk at George Floyd Square.
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