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"Love More Hate Not" painted in white on a the pavement in the street.

Text painted in white on the road reads "Cops Sexually Assault Women in Police Custody and Nobody Talks About It" with several chalk arrows pointing to the text with additional text reading "This."

A mural painted on pavement has been painted. It read "R.I.P. Imez Wright" in yellow. The background of the mural has been painted red, green, and black. Offerings have been laid on the mural.

A memorial to Imez Wright in George Floyd Square. A Pan-African flag is painted on the street with "R.I.P. Imez Wright" written in cursive yellow lettering painted over it. Bouquets of flowers are laid on the painting.

Graffiti in the street reading "This is just the beginning we will win!" This piece is written with yellow paint.

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A painting on pavement reading "Black power" with Sankofa, an image symbolizing the concept of learning from the past and seeking renewal.

Painting of Breonna Taylor on pavement in blue and red.

Faded "Fuck 12" Graffiti written on the sidwalk.

Spray paint on a crosswalk outside of the Brooklyn Center Police Department documented a week after Daunte Wright was killed. On this afternoon, protesters were just beginning to gather for an evening of protests outside of the police station.
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