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A laminated poster reading "Philando Castile Memorial Avenue" has been placed on a wooden utility pole with ribbons.

IMG_0829 (1).jpg
A printed paper reads "Fugitive Task Force Murdered Winston Smith" with additional information about who he was and the details of his murder. He is show in a photograph with his children.

Two lined sheets of paper taped on a power box. On the upper piece of paper written in black ink, "PROTECT EACH OTHER." On the lower piece of paper written in black ink, "AMPLIFY BLACK TRANS VOICES."

Over a dozen printed paper signs reading "Justicia Para George," "BLM," and "Justice For Floyd."

A white cloth banner with flora and "Black Lives Matter - George Floyd" and an image of George Floyd.

Yard sign with "George Floyd Should Still Be Alive." Tarp reading "Justice For George."

Paper signs in window reading "End The Police State" on top, and "Black Lives Matter" on the bottom. In smaller text is "MPD150," "," "Arrest All Four," and "Visit:"

500 Central Ave. July 18.jpg
Justice for George Floyd written on pages of green, yellow, and orange, attached inside the window at Ray J's American Grill.

Flyer containing numerous names of black people killed by police or the effects of racism. Quote by Assata Shakur reading "It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win, We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose…

Towfiq Grocery_519 University_55103_5.jpg
Boarded up Towfiq Grocery with tow printed on paper images of George Floyd taped to the plywood.
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