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Written in red spray paint across several plywood boards, "I Assure You We're Open."

The phrase "Hope is always Open" painted across three plywood boards. The background is painted white. "Hope" and "Open" are in capital letters and stenciled in black, red, silver, and brown paint. "Is always" is painted in black freehand cursive.

Murals on plywood boards covering a business. A plywood panel reads "No open pigs." One mural is a world with red hearts. Another shows a figure next to a tree with butterflies reading "Let minorities live, love, laugh, and grow." Located on a strip…

A bold colorful mural. "For George Floyd" in black cursive writing. "JUSTICE" spelled out in large stylized block letters. 1973-2020 (George Floyd's birth and death dates) "2020" "BLM" "open"

Net Supermarket is boarded up with "Open" written on several plywood boards.

Mecca Linen_2500 Central Ave NE_55418_1.jpg
Mecca Linen boarded up with "We Are Open" written all over the plywood.

Plywood-covered store front with spray-painted messages such as "Justice 4 Floyd," "BLM," "ACAB," "Justice for George," and "OPEN." Several of the pieces were created by those at the Papa John's.

Cheng Heng Restaurant_448 University_55103_01.jpg
A boarded up Cheng Heng Restaurant with "Open" spray painted on board.

A photo of Midway Tobacco and Vapor exterior. The windows have been boarded up with plywood but one of the plywood boards says "open" in large letters. Another plywood boards says "This Store is Heavily Guarded 24/7."
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