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Two handmade paper signs reading "Minority Owned" and "Prosecute Killer Cops!" are taped on a business window.

"We Keep the Fires That Keep Our People Warm" is printed on an informational sign which includes a picture of a fire and information on donating money for firewood.

A paper sign reads "POC Lives Here." Above this handmade sign, a more mass produced sign with a portrait of George Floyd is placed.

The gas station sign at People's Way has been used as a countdown to the Trial. It reads "George Floyd Trial in 9 days." Under this reads a sheet reading "Black Joy."

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A community information sign has been placed on a bus stop, which includes information about the site. Below this board sits a bench with "George Floyd Square" carved onto it.

A sign on a signpost reads "Protect Each other," "Justice 4 Floyd," and "Masks Help Us All" on a teal background. In the center of the sign, a stylized masked woman is stenciled.

Several informational signs let visitors know what to expect when visiting George Floyd Square. Information includes "What Will You See?" "Engage," "After You Leave," and "Significance of the Space."

An informational sticker was placed on a city pole. The sticker reads "Community Watch Area. Trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community; protect your friends and neighbors from unified gang members and other suspicious…

Cluster of texts on plywood. Image of George Floyd on paper. Inked "RIP GEORGE" above red stencil and spray-painted "ONLY JUSTICE CAN BRING PEACE" and freehand cursive "Power to the People." Two red stencils of the BLM fist are to the right. Beyond…

A white tagboard sign located at the Philando Castile Memorial in Falcon Heights MN. It reads: "Call our MN businesses and ask them to demand (pressure) 3 more arrests, Thao, Lang, Kueng" "black lives matter" also written in smaller letters in upper…
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