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Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.32.41 PM.png
Multi-colored pastel block text that reads, "Love to all who fight for justice"

Stencil art depicting BIPOC portraits, indicating people who have been killed by police brutality. In the middle of the faces the personal pronoun "WE" is written. Above the faces, there is a phrase written in red spray paint that reads, "Humanity…

Text above a Black Power fist, two peace signs, hearts and flowers. Text reads "Love, Justice, Peace For All."

Text with purple hearts on either side. Reads "Love" in orange, "Not" in green, and "Hate" in yellow.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 3.02.50 PM.png
Simple bubble letter text reading "I Can't Breathe/George Floyd" with hearts.

A series of plywood panels filled with many bright-colored hearts. The text reads "more love not less," "Justice for George," "minority Owned," and "Local Business."

"We stand with you" in green and "Be safe" in blue with hearts and peace signs.

A series of plywood panels decorated with hearts and text. The text reads "Justice 4 George Floyd," "Black Lives Matter," "OD'S," "Justice," and "Prosecute Bad Cops" with an outline of a pig head.

A series of nine plywood panels decorated with large hearts. The texts read "Justice," "Love," "G.F.," and "MPLS tattoo loves you" where a heart stands in for the word "loves."

Painted plywood on the door of Little Saigon Market reading BLM with hearts.
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