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Underneath a Lake Street Chiropractic sign, there is a mural that depicts a blindfolded Black person holding a scale. Around them is a forest of blue and red flowers. To the right of the person, the words "I Can't Breathe" are painted in red and…

To the right of the mural, a phoenix is depicted rising out of the ashes of a burning city, with a broken heart and "George Floyd" written on its wings. In the sky, there are red, yellow, and orange flowers floating around. On the left side of the…

Two pieces: first is a river of color across a wall. A portrait of George Floyd is in the center with the crown of Basquiat. The second piece is of a blue phoenix rising from fire, with a yellow circle behind it. Red text in the circle reads "In…

Black "Black Owned" and "POC Owned" on plywood covered windows.

The storefront of Earth's Beauty Supply. Large plywood boards used to cover the windows and door. They have been taken down. The front door is open. Cars are parked in front. The boards have been set down against the front of the building so their…

Plywood from the Wadajir Grocery reads "Black Owned."

TU Dance Center_2121 University_55114_2.jpg
TU Dance is boarded up with ply wood and reads "Black Owned" on multiple boards. Also written is "Be Safe" in black spay paint. The "O" is a peace sign.
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