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"Defund The Police BLM ✊" is painted on the pavement. "Defund" and "Police" are painted in orange and "The" is painted in yellow. At the end of the phrase is the Black Power Fist.

Black Lives Matter is painted in black in the middle of a street intersection. At the end of the words is a Black Power Fist. Behind the words is a red, green, blue, and purple background.

The artwork was commissioned by the city of Milwaukee and…

Police Free Schools is written in yellow traffic paint in front of the Madison School Department Administrative Building.

"Defund Police" is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement.

Spray painted on a surface, "Say Their Names" is written and surrounded by hearts. Above the text is a pasted image of George Floyd.

A spray-painted plywood reads "THE YOUNG ARE NOT AFRAID OF TELLING THE TRUTH! VOTE!" in white paint over a red background.

Mural style street art of a banner that reads "We

A spray-painted plywood panel reads "Just Love!" Next to this says "Black Lives Matter" Someone has come in an attempted to write "ALL" over "Black". In addition, this board includes a read heart and inside the heart reads "Justice for JACOB" in…

A spray-painted plywood panel reads "Our lives begin to end when we are silent about what matters - MLK".
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