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A face painted on a wall along with text reading "Justice 4 Winston & Deona Marie" and "End White Supremacy!" on a pink background.

"Deona" written on a business sign post.

"Winston Smith" has been spray painted in black on a sidewalk.

A multicolored portrait painted on a utility box. "Release the Footage" has additionally been painted above the portrait with two red painted hearts.

A side walk painted red with black and white text. This text reads "Free America Abolish The Police," "0 Videos 0 Charges 0 Arrests 4 More Precincts," "Winston Smith," "Release The Footage," "They All Deserved Better," and "All We Did Was Be Black."…

Various text has been written at the intersection of Lake and Girard in Uptown Minneapolis. This text includes "ACAB," "Winston," and "bitches."

Winston Smith has been painted on a sidewalk in white, and in the background on a building "RIP KGOD" has been painted in blue, red, and white. This references graffiti writer Kyle Alexander, aka KGOD, who died in a fatal accident in Minneapolis in…

The top of the parking ramp in uptown has been made into memorial for Winston Smith. This is where he has killed by US Marshals on June 3, 2021. Painted text surrounding the site include "ACAB," "Winston Smith," "Stop Killing Our Community," "Fuck…

"Vigil, Say His Name, Winston Smith" with an arrow has been written in chalk on a sidewalk.

"RIP Winston Smith" spray painted in black painting on a parking ramp along with "F12," "1312," and "Hold Police Accountable" with an anarchy symbol as the "a."
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