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Plywood painted black with three painted images. A brown eye with the words "We see you Black Lives Matter." A black fist in a female symbol with a quote from Maya Angelou "you may shoot me with your words you may cut me with your eyes you may kill…

Quality Coaches_20 W 38th_55409_1.jpg
Quality Coaches Foreign Car Specialists is covered with plywood and spray painted with "I Can't Breathe," "BLM," "We Are One," "Black Lives Matter," "MPLS United," and "Can't Stop! Won't Stop!"

Kingfield Family Dental_17 E 38th St_55409_1.jpeg
Fully covered Kingfield Family Dental, a stand alone building, is spray painted around the entire exterior. Phrases on the front of the building include "Black Lives Matter," "We Are One," "Say His Name," "Stay Strong," and "Justice for George."…

Empty Storefront_18 W 38th_55409_1.jpg
Boarded up empty storefront with "Justice 4 George Floyd," "We R One!" and "BLM" spray-painted on board.

Spray-painted messages on plywood. Including, but not limited to "Black Lives Matter", "Say His Name", and "No Justice No Peace."

Spray-painted messages on plywood-covered windows. Includes: black and red "We are one", "Can Stop! Won't Stop!" and blue "Black Lives Matter" and red "MPLS united."

Large mural with text "WE ARE ONE" across the walls of a building. Each word has a different background of red, yellow-orange, and green and blue respectively. A black on white feather adorns a door between the words "We" and "Are."
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