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Graffiti on the facade of the Veterans Administration building, including "ACAB" and "Fuck Trump" written in spray paint.

Graffiti on the external wall of Decatur House reading "Why Do We Have to Keep Telling You Black Lives Matter?" This is written in black spray paint.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 11.53.05 AM.png
BLM written two times in black spray paint on the backside of a stop light. There are additional stickers on a sign below this. This was photographed at Lafayette Park, very near to the White House

Blue and white chalk art on the street reads "Fuck Trump :)."

An orange diamond road sign reads "Watch For Black Lives."

A blue poster depicts an image of a Black woman, Bettie Jones, who was fatally shot by police and died on December 26, 2015. Above her image, it reads "#SayHerName."

A plywood mural depicts a Black man holding a water bottle. To the right is written "Black Lives Matter To A Medic."

A cardboard sign reads "Geroge Floyd!! Say His Name."

A yellow poster is affixed to a fence with a zip tie. It reads "Say Her Name Tiffany Mofield #BLM."

A poster on a fence depicts an image of the Black woman, Ida Lee Delaney, who died on October 31, 1989. Underneath her image is a description of the events that led to her death and the steps that were taken after her death.
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