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"AmeriKKKa Fuck 1312" is spray-painted in black in front of the public bathroom in Lafayette Park. 1312 has been a tag associated with opposing police brutality.

Colored ribbon that reads "Ban Stop + Frisk" is interwoven on a fence.

BAU Student Governance Association posted a Black Lives Matter tarp on their building. Surrounding the "Black Lives Matter" writing are names of Black victims of police brutality.

A plywood mural depicts a Black man holding a water bottle. To the right is written "Black Lives Matter To A Medic."

A poster depicts a drawing of a Black female with hoop earrings. Behind her, is a halo that is made by the words "Black Trans Lives Matter."

"BLM" is spray-painted in red on a bus sign.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 11.53.05 AM.png
BLM written two times in black spray paint on the backside of a stop light. There are additional stickers on a sign below this. This was photographed at Lafayette Park, very near to the White House

Colorful paper tied to a fence reads "Defund MPD."

"Do Better America!!!" is spray-painted in white on plywood.

"Don't Forget The Black Women" is written on a cardboard sign.
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