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"Black Lives Matter Enough is Enough" is painted on the pavement. "Black Lives Matter" is painted in black, and "Enough is Enough" is painted in red.

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"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement. "Black" and "Matter" are painted in yellow, and "Lives" is painted in black.

The mural was organized by The OWL Project, Renton Residents for Change, and the Renton-King County Alliance for Justice.…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in various colors on the pavement.

The mural was organized by West Seattle Art Nest and West Seattle Art for Social Justice.

Black Lives Matter is painted on the pavement. Each of the letters has a different color and design.

“Black Lives Matter” in street-width letters has been painted on East Pine Street in Seattle, on a block that is part of what protesters have named the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, aka CHAZ. A Belltown small-business owner, with the help of a…

Manny Ellis 1012 S 11th Tacoma WA.jpg
This mural depicts a portrait of Manuel Ellis, a Black man who is a victim of police brutality. He is painted in shades of blue, orange, green, brown, and yellow. Around Manny's head are circles, which are similar to halos. To the left of the…

A mask has been painted with red, green, and black. Gold lettering reads "Pay The Fee, Equity Now, Free The Land."

Activist and rapper Nipsey Hussle who wrote "FDT" ("Fuck Donald Trump") with YG has been painted on a utility box.
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