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Cheng Heng Restaurant_448 University_55103_01.jpg
A boarded up Cheng Heng Restaurant with "Open" spray painted on board.

Diversity Adultcare Services_962 University_55104_1.jpg
A boarded up Diversity Adultcare Services building, with "Fuck 12 LLDD" spraypainted on the entryway fence.

Empty Storefront_1 W 38th_55409_2.jpg
Empty storefront covered with boards with "Love" spraypainted vertically on the door. Also includes "BLM," "George," and "Parent + Kid Residence" written in marker.

Empty Storefront_18 W 38th_55409_1.jpg
Boarded up empty storefront with "Justice 4 George Floyd," "We R One!" and "BLM" spray-painted on board.

Jackalope Tattoo_3753 Cedar_55407_1.jpg
"Justice 4 Floyd" spray painted in bubble letters on a boarded up Jackalope Tattoo Parlor. Also in spray paint is "A Riot is the Language of the Unheard - MLK," "Justice for George," and ACAB."

Kyatchi - Cocina Latina_3758-3764 Nicollet_55409_1.jpg
A boarded up Kyatchi and Cocina Latina Restaurant with BLM spray painted on board, along with "Black Lives Matter," "Justice," "Peace," "Say Their Names," and "George Floyd" written in marker.

A fully boarded up Monte Sinai, with BLM Fists and "Defund Slavery Now" spray painted on the boards.

Paulitas Gifts_2413 Central Ave NE_55418_1.jpg
A fully boarded up Paolita's Sur Envios with an "I Can't Breathe" sign attached to the outside.

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 9.12.14 AM.png
A boarded up shop front with large "BLM," "Big Floyd" in bubble letters, "No Justice, No Peace," "BLM," and "Local Owned."
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