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The photographer, Nadine Seiler, stands in front of two tags on a wall. The first tag, written in blue spray paint, reads "Fuck Trump." The second tag reads "Fuck 12 Bitch!"

A cardboard sign depicts Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind jail bars. Next to the image is an orange sticker that reads "Trump/Pence Out Now." Underneath, "Vote Him Out" is written in marker.

A piece of white paper with "Happy Birthday Donald Love

A poster reads "Trumps Is A Bloated Sack Of Shrieking Void Crabs." Around the writing are crabs with yellow eyes and menacing expressions.

A poster depicts Pope Francis with his right middle finger up. Text around the Pope reads "Fuck Tha Police And Fuck Trump- God 2020."

A white crosswalk button sign reads "Fuck U Donny :)" in black.

A white poster board sign reads "Trump, cowering in his bunker, is an American DISGRACE *Black Lives Matter*."

A piece of cloth on a fence depicts Donald Trump holding a voting ballot with the words "Voter Fraud" around him.

A stick on a traffic light reads "Push Button To Eject Trump In Case of Malfunction." Underneath is an image of a boot kicking a man with Donald Trump's hair. On the bottom of the sign, it reads "Vote. #itactutallymatters. Register at"

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.29.25 AM.png
Documentation of the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence in Washington D. C. including posters showing a fist of power, an image of Trayvon Martin accompanied by his name, an image of Dominique Clayton with her name and text reading "protect black…
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