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TOXIC LOSER --- Dimestore Mussolini?

On the temporary chain metal fence surrounding Lafayette Park in front of the White House in Washington, DC. November 20th, two weeks from the Saturday Joe Biden was declared winner of the 2020 election.

"Fuck Donald Trump" is spray-painted in blue on the side of a graffiti wall. Other graffiti reads "ACAB," "Fuck 12," and "No Justice No Peace."

"Donald I Forgive You 4 U Not Know What Do You" is written on the street.

"Help Stop Trump" is written in paint on the street.

The photographer, Nadine Seiler, stands in front of two tags on a wall. The first tag, written in blue spray paint, reads "Fuck Trump." The second tag reads "Fuck 12 Bitch!"

A cardboard sign depicts Donald Trump in an orange jumpsuit behind jail bars. Next to the image is an orange sticker that reads "Trump/Pence Out Now." Underneath, "Vote Him Out" is written in marker.

A piece of white paper with "Happy Birthday Donald Love

A poster reads "Trumps Is A Bloated Sack Of Shrieking Void Crabs." Around the writing are crabs with yellow eyes and menacing expressions.

A poster depicts Pope Francis with his right middle finger up. Text around the Pope reads "Fuck Tha Police And Fuck Trump- God 2020."

A white crosswalk button sign reads "Fuck U Donny :)" in black.
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