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White letter "George Floyd." The G and F are in bold with dozens of "strokes." Dark purple background.

Penned "In the days of those 1% corporate kings...our Sovereign Creator shall set up a sovereign Kingdom! Daniel 2:44."

Blue throw up, "Heal" with an orange background.

Various tags.

Three works. Left to right: purple throw up, "Justice" with highlights and red bubbles. Background is dark yellow. Blue "Abolish" with a red, purple, and pink background. Two hands with a broken chain. Between the hands is a rose. Background is blue…

Pale grey "GEORGE FLOYD!" throw up. Red hearts are scattered over the work.

Blue block letters "ARREST ALL 4."

White block letter "George Floyd."

Two throw ups. Left: "RIP" with a star dotting the "I." "Big" and "Floyd" in a blue and a red drop respectively. The background is red splatter, similar to blood.

Right: "BIG FLOYD" in white and blue lettering with orange spots.

Orange and red bubble text "Black Lives Matter its More Then A Message" and "RIP George."

Left to right: "RIP GEORGE" in blue text, a red cross with "Pray 4 Us" on it, a phallic brain with brown triangle background, "UNITY" in orange block letters. Unity covers tags, including one saying "ACAB."

"REFORM" in trans colors.
ACAB on the sidewalk.
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