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Text reads "Time 4 Change". The number 4 is inside of a clock with wings.

Three works. Left to right: purple throw up, "Justice" with highlights and red bubbles. Background is dark yellow. Blue "Abolish" with a red, purple, and pink background. Two hands with a broken chain. Between the hands is a rose. Background is blue…

Two throw ups: the first has blue bubble letters, "DERP," outlined in orange. The second has "Peace" in orange and yellow. The background is blue bubbles on green grass. "Zen" and "Stay Safe" in purple at the bottom.

The the right of both is a…

Wall with tribute, throw up, graffiti hearts, and a poster. The tribute has a portrait of Tete Gulley with a Trans flag to her left. "TETE" in green bubble letters is on top of the flag. "5-27-2019," "We Love You," "RIP Tete," and "TETE GULLEY" is…

Wall covered in graffiti, with a portrait of a Black man and "Portland STAND UP Long Live Larnell Bruce," in the center. The capitalized words are in yellow block letters with blue shading and orange outlining.

The graffiti filling in the…

Black letters reading "South MPLS" on a blue dripping background.

Green and pink bubble letters "Show your Love" with a peace sign and hearts.

"Say His Name" is painted in red/orange above "RIP" painted in a yellow, orange, pink, purple, gradient.

This is an image of several works on the same wall. Blue graffiti, "R.I.P. George" and "no Justice/no peace," are separated by a red and black bubble throw-up of "A6H." To the right of this is a larger throw-up of "RIP George" in striped red with…
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