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"Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George" in purple on wood boards. A crossed out tag is between them.

"George Floyd" in pale and light blue bubble letters. Black shading and a yellow outline. The background is red.

A "George Floyd" tag in black spray paint at the bottom was included by having the background surround it, but not cover it.

Black bubble letters reading "George Floyd."

Mural with a blue and green background. "COURAGE" is written in 3D letters in orange and yellow. "BLM!" is written black at the lower right corner. A black fist holding an outlined peace sign is in the "O" of Courage.

"Floyd World!" in bubble letters on plywood boards covering the windows of a Popeye's restaurant. The tag "Stuck Stuck" is written below it.

Diversity Adultcare Services_962 University_55104_1.jpg
A boarded up Diversity Adultcare Services building, with "Fuck 12 LLDD" spraypainted on the entryway fence.

Black spray-painted tag reading, "George Floyd" under a large throwie by artist @werm312 reading "werm," a heart, "firo."

Red "George Floyd" with green peace signs in the Os.

Cluster of spray-painted messages on the side of a building. Large black "GF", purple "What time? No Justice, No Peace", "Everybody hates the police.", black "Fuck Cops", "Kill Cops!!!", and a tag.

Two "Hope" murals on plywood boards. They are painted in black, red, silver, and brown paint. One of the words has been tagged in silver spray paint. The other has a small board covering part of the word.
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