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"Floyd World!" in bubble letters on plywood boards covering the windows of a Popeye's restaurant. The tag "Stuck Stuck" is written below it.

Two "Hope" murals on plywood boards. They are painted in black, red, silver, and brown paint. One of the words has been tagged in silver spray paint. The other has a small board covering part of the word.

An orange and yellow mural with "Welcome To The Revolution" in white thin lettering. This work covers up a "BLM" that was there previously.

Mural with a blue and green background. "COURAGE" is written in 3D letters in orange and yellow. "BLM!" is written black at the lower right corner. A black fist holding an outlined peace sign is in the "O" of Courage.

Living work made of moss in the shape of a Black Power fist, with extending root shapes moving onto other panels around it. Above the fist are block letters reading "Sow The Seeds of Justice" in black and red. This work has been tagged in yellow…

Two works. Left is a work made of painted panels, covered in rainbow colored clouds with white block text reading "I Stand With You" and "I see you I see your pain I hear you I LOVE YOU I will show up."

The work on the right, by Nicholas Schukay,…

Wall covered in graffiti, with a portrait of a Black man and "Portland STAND UP Long Live Larnell Bruce," in the center. The capitalized words are in yellow block letters with blue shading and orange outlining.

The graffiti filling in the…

Yellow block letters reading "If My Heart Stops Turning Will The World Do The Same" on a black background with red, green, and yellow swashes.

On the pillars separating the panels on which the mural is painted are a buff, "Kill All Nazis," and…

Red "George Floyd" with green peace signs in the Os.

A tag and two works. The tag extends around the corner, reading "Spread Love" and "Love."

Above "Love" is an earth painted on a white background with hands of varying skin tones connecting to one another around the equator.

Three panels to the…
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