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A sticker reading "Justice for George" with a pig behind bars. The sticker is adhered to a sign at a four way stop.

Stickers on the back of a four way stop sign reading "No Cops," and "All Cats are Beautiful" (a play on ACAB).

A skeletal hand with text reading "Fuck Racism!" This sticker is adhered to a post.

A large sticker or poster. Text and images are combined in this three part composition. At the top it reads "Lost the war" with an image of the Confederate flag, next it says "Lost the war" with an image of the Nazi flag. The lower panel says…

A Confederate flag sticker with the words "These Fuckers Lost" superimposed.

Amnesty for protestors_12.12.20 copy.jpg
A red sticker with white block letters reading "DROP ALL CHARGES FOR EVERY PROTESTER!" This is accompanied by handcuffs and the words "#amnestyforall" in black.

A sticker showing the burning 3rd Precinct police station along with text that says "Welcome to Minneapolis!" This is placed next to a sticker advising the use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid.

A sticker reading "Reject Your White Privilege," and one reading "United Front Against Racism," along with a number of other stickers.

A black and white sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign. The sticker reads "Solidarity" and depict three fists representing Black power.

A black sticker with white text and image reading "I eat cops" with the outline of a flag.
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