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A plywood board covering a window at Gordon Parks High School. The plywood panel has a white base coat. The painted panels consists of three rows of four squares . Each square is a shade of brown or black from light tan all the way to dark black. No…

A plywood panel covering a window of Gordon Parks High School. In the middle of the panel, two fists are raised up. The arm on the left is orange-red with yellow fingernails. The arm on the right is green-blue with pink fingernails.

Set against an abstract green background, Jadon Sancho, British/Trinidadian pro soccer player, is dressed in a yellow soccer kit with a jersey reading "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD."

Panting on plywood on store front. The image is of several raised fists in different colors with Seitu Jones's "Blues for George" stencil on the left side of the piece. The piece is signed in the bottom left by ARTCROP, a collective that makes art…

SLA 1 Image 1.jpg
A mural of raised fists in many colors outside of a bakery located on University Avenue in St. Paul.

Three panels on plywood covering windows facing a major avenue. The first panel reads "CHANGE MUST COME." The second panel is a powerful portrait of George Floyd against a solid purple background. The third panel reads "SAY HIS NAME."

Plywood on door panel with text reading "Every Time Your Wash Your Hands It's a Chance for a New Beginning."

Painted on a yellow panel of plywood covering a door, orange, pink and purple flowers surround text reading "WE WHO BELIEVE IN FREEDOM CANNOT REST --ELLA BAKER."

This is a painting on plywood on a store front. The image is a single black line which depicts an unknown symbol (this may be a symbol significant in Hmong culture), a raised fist, and the outline of the state of Minnesota. "#Black Lives Matter" is…

Painting on painted yellow plywood on building window. A single black outline of a hand holding a rose with a single leaf. Below are the printed words, "#Justice for George Floyd" -- also in black.
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