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A photo of a red brick wall, the back of a building facing the alley. In red spray paint on the red wall "Black Lives Matter" is written. To the left, in black, is a tag.

A stop sign with black spray paint writing. There is an arrow leading from the word STOP to the words "killing black people." Altogether the sign reads: STOP killing black people.

An unpainted plywood board on the exterior of a Thai restaurant. Black letters spell out "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!" (Peace is underlined)

Purple block letters reading "We Love These Streets". In the "o" of "Love" is "St Paul/MPLS." Letters are outlined in black and yellow. Blue clouds are scattering in the background.

This work covers a large tag. Likely said "Justice For George."

A plywood board covers a window of Gordon Parks High School. A blue George Floyd face is in the middle, created using Seitu Jones's Blues 4 George stencil. A blue heart is in the lower right hand corner. Bright red letters spell out: "TAKE YOUR knee…

A plywood board covering a window at Gordon Parks High School. The board has a white base coat. The bottom third of the board is decorated with blue and pink dots; a blue heart with 2 pink outlines is in bottom left and right corner. In black writing…

Image of individual "Rest in Power George Floyd" stencil with portrait. Located on west wall of a defunct BP station.

Red "Rest in Power George Floyd" stencil with portrait next to a pig face tag. Located on the west wall of a defunct BP station.

Simple BLM tag on the south side of defunct BP station.

A simple drawing of a pig's face, symbolizing cops.
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