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Abolish police.jpg
A blue sign is nailed to a residential fence reading “abolish the police.” The text is written in black and two red drops of blood are noted first before the word “abolish” and after “the.”

they are going to kill me.jpg
Amid an arrangement of flowers, signs, and balloons, a sign reading “They’re going to kill me” stands propped against a street light. The sign was created using wood painted black and the text is white. “They’re going to kill me” are among some of…

A sign on A Better Bail Bond Company reading 8:46 | In Memory of George Floyd

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The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) identifies parks and other destinations (i.e. lakes, trails, parkways, gardens, etc.) with permanent signage: wooden, rectangular, and painted with black, neutral, green and white colors. All permanent…

A small sticker adhered to the back of a sign. The sticker is black with white image and text. The image shows a line drawing of the 3rd precinct in flames. Text reads "Welcome to Minneapolis!"

A sticker adhered to the back of a stop sign reading "Every Body Hates the Police" and "Eternal war against the peace | #blue lives don't matter" The text is set against an abstracted image of police in riot gear enveloped by flames and smoke.

A stenciled sign reading Justice for George Floyd with pink background and blue flowers.

A sign hooked on a fence outside the White House with an image of Breonna Taylor, smiling and wearing a crown. Text reads “Justice for Breonna Taylor."

Mural at the B Bar and Grill on East 4th Street. Repurposed cardboard protest signs including: "Black Lives Matter", "Say Their Names", "8 Can't Wait", "Justice for George Floyd". Mural featuring warm colors (coral, burgundy, red, orange, yellow) and…

The Ohio Theatre sign reads "The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right - Martin Luther King"

A finished mural on the theatre's plywood panels shows a cloudy blue sky, a sun, yellow triangles, and reads "Even The Darkest Night Will End And The…
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