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Mural, including portrait of George Floyd, remembering victims of police violence

More Chinese.jpg
Graffiti reading "No More Chinese" in orange spray paint has been modified to flip the negative message around. With the addition of a human figure masking the word "no," the message has been changed to read "More Chinese."

ACAB writing in blue spray paint with an exclamation point at the end.

Colorful portraits of Sean Monterrosa and George Floyd. Their names are written in stylistic blue script over their heads.

A portrait of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor on the side of the Tenderloin Museum.

'Matter Black Lives Do' in green chalk on the bottom of the statue of Yoda that can be seen outside of Lucasfilms offices in San Francisco.

A pasteup of Thomas Jefferson wearing a facemask with text on it reading "I Can't Breathe."
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