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This piece was done largely on plywood on the side of a building on University Avenue, a major pathway connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The words "Unlock Cages" are written in large block letters in front of a snapping chain and a chainlink…

A close up of a mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. The mural has a white background with green/blue/yellow/orange rainbow colored stylized letters and blue bubbles. The mural reads: " I can't breathe"

This mural is in a similar style as…

A close up of a mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. This mural has an orange background and bright green letters. The sign is partially covered up with a purple "We Are Open" sign.

The sign reads: "Keep Lo---- Each Other"
(The sign likely…

A close up of a Mural on the exterior of Kim Hung Mall. The mural is a white background. Pink bubble letters with yellow and orange and green aura outline spell out: "Protect Ya Own" there is a "BLM" underlined in black letters on the upper right…

A mural on the exterior of Anh's Hairstylists. The mural has a black background. It reads: "Justice for [G] Fight AGAINST the Law of Oppression and Yearn 4 Action against Dehumanization" Most of the letters are in bright yellow to pop against the…

A plywood mural that reads: "Hmong 4 black lives. No justice no peace!! George Floyd"

Two blue George Floyd (Seitu Jones) face stencil portraits are also painted on the board

A plywood board on the exterior of a restaurant on University Ave W in the Frogtown neighborhood of St Paul.

Black letters spell out: "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!" Three exclamation points after peace and peace is underlined.

A white and blue building exterior. "Fuck 12" "LLDD" are written on the building in a messy script.
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