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Image of individual "Rest in Power George Floyd" stencil with portrait. Located on west wall of a defunct BP station.

Red "Rest in Power George Floyd" stencil with portrait next to a pig face tag. Located on the west wall of a defunct BP station.

A small portrait of George Floyd with the words "Rest in Power" is propped up on a porch that's painted sky-blue, covered in clouds.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.33.16 PM.png
White banner against a dynamic yellow background. The banner includes a tribute to Floyd and text that reads "Daddy Changed the World," a quote from George Floyd's daughter Gianna.

Spray-painted throw-up on black plywood. Pink text with purple and white shading reads "Rest in Power" and "BLM." Blue bubble letters with white shading reads "George Floyd" between the two former phrases.

Grey bubble letters on plywoodwith white outline and black background. "Justice George Floyd."

This photo shows a grey, metal utility box on the corner of a busy intersection. Black letters spell out the message: "Rest in Power George Floyd" Floyd is underlined 3 times.

Breathe in justice.jpg
On a white background, the central image is a lilac branch that resembles the shape of lungs. Above and below the image are the words "Breathe in Justice" in blue and purple gradient text.
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