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tiny cop car 1.jpg
A miniature police car has been created, graffitied, and smashed, mirroring the protests in South Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. The graffiti reads “rest in power George Floyd,” “1312," “RIP,” and “ACAB.” Other graffiti is noted though…

Three throw ups

First: Blue bubble letters "George" with a halo above the O. A "BLACK LIVES MATTER" printed on paper. Paper with an image of George Floyd and "Justice for Floyd" and "Say His Name" on it. Printed "I CAN"T BREATHE" on black paper.…

Plywood covering a window is marked with text reading "Your White Tears Will Find No Comfort Here," and, smaller, "RIP George." In a panel on the neighboring window, a Black woman behind a desk labeled Ms. Resist casually sips from a cup labeled…

Very large portrait of George Floyd in chalk in the center of a plaza. Text reads "Rest in Power."

An abstracted image of George Floyd adhered to a firebox.

Large portrait of George Floyd in blue tones with yellow outlining. Text reads "Rest in Peace George Floyd" and "We Love You."

Justice 4 George Floyd in large, purple bubble letters against a background of flowers.

George Floyd in coral and turquoise wildstyle letters.

Three repeated images of George Floyd wearing a shroud. Text says 'Strike Me Down/I Shall Become More Powerful/Than You Can Possibly Imagine/I Can't Breathe/Justice for George Floyd/Rest in Power."

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 8.12.59 AM.png
"REVOLUTION" in 3-d dripping letters. Additional text reads "RIP HOMIE GEORGE."
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