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Spray painted on plywood, "Fuck the police." Over 'police' the word 'Elite' has been spray painted. Someone has attempted to cover up the two words with a muted black spray paint.

"Black Lives Taken By Police" written above dozens of names of Black people that have been killed by police. The names are accompanied by the designated city's police department and the year. The earliest listing is from 1920 and the most recent…

A Black person painted as a growing sunflower near a police vehicle.

Poster pasted onto a lampost reading "Justice for George Floyd and all those killed by police. Demands of the people: convict Derek Chauvin, Convict all four murderers, community control of the people, free them all!"

A sticker pasted on a traffic light post reading 'FILM THE POLICE'.

Madison Museum of contemporary art.jpg
This work includes are cartoon depiction of a uniformed Minneapolis police officer carrying a baton, he is wearing a helmet that says “M.P.D.” and sunglasses that reflect a fire. The character stands over a fire and in the smoke above the fire the…

A sticker with a parody of the cuts of meat on a pig representing the various aspects that make up police corruption. It is difficult to tell if the sections were placed in order of importance or just placed where the artist felt they fit.

Sticker with the following quote:
“While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.
Eugene V. Debs”
Eugene Victor Debs was an early American advocate for…

Sticker reading:
Community Watch Area
Trust, respect, and communication are essential to healthy community, protect your friends and neighbors from uniformed gang members and other suspicious characters.
Police Not…

The phrase “Welcome to the Pig Pen” written in green spray paint across four plywood boards covering windows of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation.

The Minneapolis Police Officers Federation became a site of unrest following the murder of…
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