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"BLUE LIVES MURDER, JUSTICEFORJARED.ORG" is written on a brown wheatpasting on a wall of a building. The text is written in blue, red, and black. Surrounding the wheat pasting is other writing such as "no backstairs" in light blue.

"Defund The Wall Fund Our Future" is painted on the pavement in yellow.

"Back The Blue" is painted in blue, white, and black on the pavement. The "A" in "Back" is a ribbon.

The mural was organized by Kristen Krutz, who also oversees the almost-6000-member “Back the Blue Florida” online community site.

Defund the Police✋🏾✋🏿✋🏾Invest in Community is painted on the pavement. Blue paint bleeds down from the words "Defund the Police" to the three hands. Behind the hands is a landscape.

The mural was designed by a black artist who was assisted by…

DEFUND⤵ is painted in yellow paint on the pavement. The arrow points to the Durham Police Department.

FUND⤴ is painted in yellow paint on the pavement. The arrow points to the Durham Human Services Building.

Durham Beyond Policing, a coalition of activist groups planned the pavement-art protest. The group was formed in 2016 to oppose the…

Police Free Schools is written in yellow traffic paint in front of the Madison School Department Administrative Building.
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