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Spray-painted mural with blue, orange, red, and salmon backdrop. White text reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER" is above gray "BLACK OWNED BUSINESS!" and between tan "PEOPLE LIVE HERE" with an arrow pointed up and "F1ST."

Black and red spray-painted text on plywood covered windows. Reads "Love Brings Change" and "People Live Here."

Empty Storefront_1 W 38th_55409_2.jpg
Empty storefront covered with boards with "Love" spraypainted vertically on the door. Also includes "BLM," "George," and "Parent + Kid Residence" written in marker.

Burst of flowing colors in the background. This board features text the reads "Black Lives Matter", "Black Owned Business!" and denotes the "people live here". The "F1" designated is in reference to place of the business.
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