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BLACK LIVES MATTER painted in monumental yellow block letters spanning two blocks of 16th street.

Poster in house window. Triangles of yellow, blues, green, and orange with black text. "Black Lives Matter. White Silence = White Violence. Together with open hearts, peaceful action, in spite of fear, We Can Change This."

Cardboard sign in yard,…

Plywood-covered door and windows covered in painted flowers: daisies, orchids, roses, etc... Butterflies, moths, and yellow wisps with black stars fill in the empty spaces. "BLACK LIVES MATTER" is in black text on the door.

"Love" painted large on plywood.

Third Avenue Market is boarded up with plywood, with a painted mural by Twin Cities artist Simone Alexa. The mural features three people of color with raised fists, and the person at center holds a sign that says "Power & Equality." The depicted are…

Young Man_3752 Nicollet Ave_55409_3.jpeg
Young Man restaurant, established in April 2020, is boarded up with plywood. The door reads "Minority Own." Painted over the original "No Justice No Peace" message is a twisted image of a rose with leaves and roots entangled. The petals of the rose…

Mural of a dog on a field with a large blue sky. Three dresses, moving with no wearer, are descending from the sky. The mural has a red painted border with white block text, "OUR HEARTS GO OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY." The artist's signature is in the lower…

Blue painted words, "IN THE END WE ALL WANT" and a green peace sign.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 3.28.30 PM.png
Cartoon-like half portrait of George Floyd and a lion. Floral elements featuring a sunflower and various green foliage. Text reads "Stronger Together"
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