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Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow paint on the pavement. Inside the letters is a timeline of the local black history of Portland. The timeline text includes: “1923 — This neighborhood is 100% white. Over 9,000 belong to the KKK. The state bans…

A large wall that includes a large portrait of George Floyd with text reading Stand Up Portland. Additional text reads BLM.

This work captures the power of the Black Lives Matter movement. A Black woman with her first raised in the air is surrounded by the faces of other individuals. Text reads Black Lives Matter. This is painted on a wall in downtown Portland.

This mural on plywood depicts Elijah McClain, a victim of police brutality who is honored by way of street art in downtown Portland.

This is a large mural that depicts 3 pine trees with faces in front of a red sun. One tree has a speech bubble that reads "Stand Together Grow Together," another says "Police abolition=Opportunity for Growth," and the last says "BLM doesn't end!"

Portrait of Aiyana Jones with a red, yellow, and green striped border. "July 20, 2002 - May 16, 2010. She was just a baby." is along the side. Flowers frame the top and the bottom. "BLM" is in yellow block letters to the left.

A Black womxn with her right fist raised and a cluster of raised fists in her hair. Behind her are scenes of white figures at work, chatting, or standing together. The background is purple.

Two painted panels. The left has "We Stand With You!" in black text on white surrounded by fruits and flowers. The right has "Black Lives Matter" in white on black surrounded by flowers.

Two squares on a black background. The left square has biographical information on Tamir, while the right has his portrait. A yellow Black Power fist is between them. Flowers frame the whole work.
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