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A mural on the side of a building reads "Courage" in red and yellow letters. A Black Power fist holds a peace sign in the letter "O." At the end of "Courage" "BLM!" is written in black. Behind "Courage" is a blue and green camouflage background.

A piece of plywood on the side of a building reads "We Remember the unknown
the undocumented Venus Xtravaganza
Monika Diamond Nina Pop Philando Castile
Melissa Ventura Raul Saavedra-Vargas Vinson Ramos
Tony McDade Joseph Finley …

A piece of plywood on a brick building reads "Black Lives Matter." "Black" and "Matter" surround the shape of an eye. "Lives" is written inside of the eye in blue letters. Behind "Lives" is a yellow peace sign.

A plywood mural reads "No Justice No Peace" in black, brown, and blue paint. Underneath, are the names of African Americans who are victims of police brutality. Some of the names are "George Floyd," "Breonna Taylor," "Eric Garner," and "Victor…

A piece of plywood on the side of a brick building depicts a blue circle inside of a yellow circle. "Power to the" is written in the yellow circle and "People" and "BLM" are written in the blue circle. Underneath the phrases, are seven eyes. At the…

"Come Together" is painted on a piece of plywood with white paint. At the end of "Together" is a white heart. The background consists of blue, pink, and orange shapes.

A piece of plywood on the windows of a building reads "Black Lives Matter" in a circle. To the left of the circle, is a pink peace sign with "peace" written underneath in blue letters. To the right of the "Black Lives Matter" circle is a blue circle…

Four pieces of plywood read "Welcome to the Revolution" in white paint. At the end of "Revolution" is a peace sign. Behind the phrase red, orange, yellow, and green background.

A mural on the side of a building depicts a blue heart with a black heart inside of it on a pink and yellow background. Underneath the heart, "Together" is written in black paint. The "O" of "Together" is a peace sign.

A plywood mural depicts a black-and-white painting of a male. To the right of the face, "RIP Tamir" and "Hope" are painted in red and orange. Three signatures are scattered throughout the mural.
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