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Black Lives Matter ♡ is painted on the pavement in various colors. Each block letter was painted by various artists' teams with their own artistic expression and design.

Black Lives Matter! is painted in red, black, and green on the pavement with illustrations/sub murals within each letter. These are the colors of the Pan-African flag. All of the letters are outlined in white.

Several organizations are also…

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Black Lives Matter is painted in red, black, and green on the pavement. The letters are 25-feet tall and 300-foot. The word "Black" is painted in red, "Lives" is painted in black, and "Matter" is painted in green. These are the colors of the…

Three painted bouquets are held by black, brown, and tan Black Power fists. Petals fall from the bouquets. The flowers each have a name written above them. The names include:
Kieth Childress Jr.
Michael Noel
LeRoy Browning
Eric Harris

Graffiti on a concrete wall reading "More black men are in prison now than were enslaved in 1850."

Painted panels with a yellow background. In the center, facing away from the viewer, is a nude Black woman. Pastel flowers cover below her waist. "Black is Beautiful" is written in white cursive across her back.

Two painted panels. The first has a blue background with red flowers at the base. A blue portrait of a boy with his eyes closed, and a tear coming down his cheek is in the center. The Basquiat crown hangs above his head, and "Justice" is written in…

Two painted panels on the same wall. The first is yellow with Black person in the center. Their hair forms the acronym "BLM." The second panel is purple with black silhouette legs, arms, and head with "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" on the torso area.

A stencil of George Floyd with "I Can't Breathe" next to a bouquet of flower in a wall pot shaped like the face of a woman.
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