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Various BLM and anti-police graffiti. Located on a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

"no justice no peace" written on the sidewalk with a peace sign below it at George Floyd Square.

A sticker on the back of street sign reading "No Justice! No Peace! Abolish the Police!"

Anti-police, BLM, and other graffiti on plywood boards covering the windows and doors of a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Mural by Victoria Eidelsztein showing several activists as well as a mural with the large letters "No Justice No Peace." It is unknown if the second mural reading "No Justice No Peace" was done by Eidelsztein or not.

Graffiti spray painted onto plywood, the larger graffiti done in red reads "Justice Takes Patience" and spanning between the two images, a more elaborate graffiti reads "JUSTICE PEACE". The boards include numerous other examples of related graffiti…

"ACAB NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" written in blue spray paint surrounded by other realted graffiti.

George Floyd tribute on plywood boards including the messages "RIP George Floyd," "No Justice, No Peace," "Arrest All 4," and "Black Lives Matter."

Graffiti painted on a boarded window. "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" surrounded by miscellaneous graffiti and a colorful sun.

"No Justice, No Peace" has been painted in pink and teal with contrasting color decoration. This mural appears to have painted over existing graffiti, some is still visible.
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