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A plywood mural reads "No Justice No Peace" in black, brown, and blue paint. Underneath, are the names of African Americans who are victims of police brutality. Some of the names are "George Floyd," "Breonna Taylor," "Eric Garner," and "Victor…

"No Justice No Peace" is spray-painted on an upside-down flag that is taped to a building.

"No Justice No Peace" is spray-painted in blue on the street. An "A" with a circle around it is spray-painted next to it in orange.

A small metallic sticker with the words "Justice" and "Peace" layered over "NO" (No Justice, No Peace).

A sticker with text reading "No Justice No Peace." The image shows a guillotine with blood splatters and a pig head with a police officer's cap.

A multicolored mural reads "Love" and "Peace" in large print. "Love" has been done using a Gothic font with yellow paint and "Peace" is done using bubble letters and red and green paint. The right side of the mural is dominated by a blue background…

A series of large black and white prints on panels located at Hook and Ladder Theater, adjacent to the 3rd police precinct in Minneapolis, which was abandoned and burned on May 28, 2020. The prints are a combination of text and images. All of the…

A mural in two sections. The left has a black background. "Love" is written in yellow and "Peace" is written below it in green and red. To the right is a blue background reading "Say Their Names" and "No Justice No Peace." The name Sasha is also…

Various BLM and anti-police graffiti. They read "No Justice No Peace," "BLM," "D.W.," "Dolal IDD," "Long Live," "Daunte Wright," and "Abolish the police."

"no justice no peace" written on the sidewalk with a peace sign below it at George Floyd Square.
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