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Mural B_1.20.21.jpg
The background of the mural is a rainbow with a cityscape in front of it. In the foreground are shapes of people protesting, wearing masks. The people are rainbow colored, purple, yellow, pink, green etc. The protesters are holding signs saying, "No…

humantone installation view 2020-11-11.JPG
This is an installation view of the humantone project, a series of murals painted throughout lower Manhattan beginning in June, 2020. The project was born out of the convergence of two seemingly opposite forces: a government-mandated closure of most…

Names across Floyd's portrait_1.11.21.jpg
Over a portrait of George Floyd in black and white, are written the names of victims of police brutality. At the bottom of the portrait, after all of the names is written, "And thousands more."

On plywood painted gray, the words "Black Lives Matter" sit on a banner painted in the center of the mural. The three people carrying the banner are just pairs of legs, their torsos and heads obscured by the banner. The names of victims of police…

Names on window gate_1.10.21.jpg
On a black window gate, and power fist is spray painted. Above and below the fist are painted the names of victims of police brutality.

No justice red black & blue_6.30.20.jpg
Painted on plywood is a multicolored peace sign in red, black, and blue. Over peace sign are the words "No Justice No Peace", which are written in white.

No justice_6.30.20.jpg
On plywood, in blue and white paint, silhouettes of people in protest hold a megaphone and a large sign which says, "No Justice! No Peace!!"

No justice. No pizza_6.10.20.JPG
Written on plywood boards of a pizzeria, the words "No Justice No Pizza" are written in red paint, surrounded by a light blue outline. Next to them, in black paint, is written, "Black Lives Matter".

Stenciled words in black paint read, "NYPD = Nazi Scum".

Words stenciled in black paint on the pavement read, "It's Ok to be Black."
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