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Screenshot (8).png
Orange text on plywood panels reads "Why do black lives matter after there gone?" accompanied by an image of a Black figure with long dreadlocks. The background is red and pink.

Screenshot (7).png
A line of militarized police officers are painted on plywood panels. Donald Trump's face is on the head of each figure. The figures are holding riot shields that read "VIP" in one hand and small American flags in the other. Swirls of green and blue…

Screenshot (6).png
Against a black background, an image of Angela Davis on plywood panel. Surrounding her is white text that reads "I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I'm changing the things I cannot accept. If they come for me in the morning, they…

A spontaneous memorial in New York City's Washington Square Park consisting of fresh flowers, candles, images of Daunte wright, Breonna Taylor, and a sing reading Justice 4 Daunte Wright! Justice 4 Adam Toledo!

RIP Daunte Wright written in sharpie on a locked utility door in the subway station.

humantone installation view 2020-11-11.JPG
This is an installation view of the humantone project, a series of murals painted throughout lower Manhattan beginning in June, 2020. The project was born out of the convergence of two seemingly opposite forces: a government-mandated closure of most…

Black Trans Lives shine_6.30.20.jpg
Painted on plywood boards covering a storefront. The boards have been painted black. Three of the boards have abstract, geometric representations that resemble dancing, headless figures made of sparkly, metallic material. The panel on the door reads…

Black fist stencil, orange paving_10.11.20.jpg
A Black power fist stencil painted in black on the pavement near an intersection.

Amerikka dreamt_6.24.20.jpg
Text painted on four plywood panels covering a storefront window. In blue spray paint, the text reads "Amerikkka dreamt me caged and she smiles fast asleep, so Amerikkka ['s] worst nightmare's all I ever hoped to be. 06/19/20" Note: the ['s] is…
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