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Black Lives Matter is painted in red paint on the pavement. In front of the words is a Pan-African flag and behind the words is a Black Power Fist.

Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow paint on the pavement. In front of and behind the letters are vertical yellow lines.

The Department of Transportation stenciled the mural and local artists painted it.

Black Lives Matter is painted in white paint on the pavement. Behind each of the words, there is a different colored stripe. The word "Black" has a red stripe, "Lives" has a black stripe, and "Matter" has a green stripe. These are the colors of the…

Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow on the pavement. At the front and end of the letters is the LGBTQIA+ flag. The mural was organized by In Our Own Voices.

Black Lives Matter is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement in a university parking lot.

President Deborah F. Stanley has organized the painting of the Black Lives Matter mural. Jeff Knauss, a member of the Foundation Board and a SUNY…

|BLACK LIVES MATTER|||||||||||||||||| is painted in yellow traffic paint on pavement. The letters are 28 feet tall, spanning a 375-foot-long stretch of Fulton Street in Restoration Plaza. In addition to the Black Lives Matter message, the names of…

A black-and-white portrait of the late Congressman and Civil Rights activist John Lewis as a young man, his face intense in thought, wearing a white short sleeve shirt and dark tie. The background behind him is a wash of pale yellow with abstract…

Two all-black profiles face each other, the left feminized by lengthened eyelashes in comparison to that of the right. Both profiles feature a thick white outline, defining their curly hair. The text overlaying the left profile reads: "Love Black…

On the gothic stone facade of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, a large yellow poster with a black border reads "BLACK LIVES MATTER" in fully-capitalized bold font.
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